Verlängerungsbuchse Premium-Alu-Line 6-fach 3.00 m Aluminium/Schwarz - Schutzkontakt

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For connection of data processing/Video/HiFi equipment and other appliances, e.g. PC, printer, modem, etc. for industrial, trade and private use. Attractive, timeless, sturdy housing made from aluminium with hardwearing, matt-finished surfaces. Special socket arrangement for mains adapters. Extra robustness. Earthed sockets in a 45° arrangement, for angled plugs as well. Illuminated 2-pole ON/OFF safety switch. Excess cable can be wound around the housing. With practical hanging facility. With childproof sockets. Packaging: with banderole. Cable length: 3 m Cable: H05VV-F 3G1,5 Length appr.: 60 cm Sockets: 6 Equipment: With each 2 sockets switched
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